This is a Journey into Om Nom Nom

About Me

Dunno what to write here as this little space on the internet is about my journey into om nom nom. But I shall share a wee bit o’ información about myself with you. For starters my name is Eugene, although I do have an awesome evil twin called Oygen, who pretty much everyone gets confused with myself; Oygen is a bit of a fan of the dutch courage.

If it isn’t blindingly obvious I love cooking and amongst other things I enjoy doing I have a huge passion for SCUBA diving as well. If you haven’t done it, I highly recommend you get your arse off the world wide web and mosey along to your local dive center and get your self a license. You will not regret it.

I get most of my ideas for meals from watching TV shows or going out to eat. If I see something that I like or sounds good, I’ll find out what’s in the dish and see how to add a little more of my personal tastes into the dish. My top 5 chefs would have to probably be Gino D’acampo, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre-White, Gordan Ramsey and Nigella Lawson, I mainly added Nigella not because she’s a good cook but her show is highly sexually charged awesome  and listing 5 chef’s is a nice number to finish on, 4 is just random.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but have never liked making desserts. I remember once in school, I think I was 16 or 17, me and my buddy John took a class in cooking and we had to make cheese cake one class. Long story short the cheese cake turned out to be a green-yellowish colour and had the consistency of play-dough. We ended up throwing it around and I chucked a piece of ‘cheese cake’ at the ceiling where it stuck and remained for the rest of the year. I think that was the last time I made a sweet dish and have stuck to savory delights after, although while writing this I do have a twinkling of a memory that suggests that I made flap jacks once which were good.

I don’t have a favourite type of cuisine as each has something I love. However I do have a favourite type of food which has to be, hands down seafood, although I’m not a huge fan of lobster, I’d still eat it but wouldn’t order it.

My earliest memory of having a favourite dish was probably when I was about 5 years old and I use to love eating ketchup with rice, sounds horrible but seriously it’s the BOMB. Sadly that craving for ketchup and rice has since departed over the years but from a young age I have also loved chicken wings. I would get given a pile of chicken wings and happily sit there stuffing my face quietly with chicken wings, not leaving any meat untouched. A past time I happily enjoy ’til this day.

Well there you have it, a little bit of food information about me. Hopefully it you found it stimulating and informative. Enjoy my journey into on nom nom.


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uhm. hi. best website ever. your food looks amazing. HOW. cook for me pls.

Comment by steph

hahaha your about me is hilarious!

Comment by Erica Tam

yo ketchup and rice was my childhood fave too!!!!!!!!!!! this site’s awesome euge. i gotta talk to u about something. i msg u on facebook la

Comment by karen

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